Education Advisory Board

The Education Advisory Board meets throughout the year to provide to the Parish Priest and Principal. The board provides a way in which responsible decisions can be made in regards to long term strategic planning. The Education Advisory Board does not advise on day-to-day operational matters.

The functions of the board are:

  • Assisting the Principal and Parish Priest in formulation of policy
  • Administering the Welcome Survey to all new families to the school and facilitating the integration of new families
  • Supporting the school in practical ways, such as ensuring that the school facilities and equipment are maintained
  • Planning for the future and ensuring that the school can accommodate future enrolments
  • Assisting in the selection of a Principal when such an appointment is being made and in accordance with Diocesan guidelines
  • Developing school/community relationships and encouraging home/school partnerships
  • Developing strategies for the promotion of our school and Catholic Education in the local community

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