Social-Emotional Learning

St. Mary’s adopts a whole-school approach to Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Students from Prep to Year Six are involved in weekly SEL lessons, aimed at skilling students in the five key competencies of SEL:

  • Self awareness
  • Self management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsible decision making
  • Problem solving.

At St. Mary’s, we recognise that it is important to focus on positive behaviours and encourage the children to make responsible choices about their relationships and behaviour. Acknowledging appropriate behaviour is important as it fosters positive relationships and cohesion within the classroom. We also recognise that by spending time to set up preventative practices we are more likely to avoid inappropriate behaviour and are able to build positive relationships.

Restorative Practices

St. Mary’s uses Restorative Practices to promote a safe and productive learning environment. Restorative Practices supports students to make choices based on relationships, encouraging students to become more responsible, develop empathy and a greater awareness of the needs of others. Through a preventative approach, Restorative Practice seeks to reduce conflict and enhance learning outcomes through increasing student connectedness to school, teachers and peers.

Circle Time

Circle Time  is a powerful process that assists both the development of the individual and the individual as a member of the group. It generates a sense of belonging, which promotes acceptance and support within the school community. Circle Time brings teachers and students together in an enjoyable atmosphere of cooperation and supports students to become better able to express their feelings. As students  learn more about themselves and each other, a warm and supportive group atmosphere is built, along with improved relationships. 

Positive Behaviour Support

When students experience conflict, they need coaching on how to resolve conflict effectively and time to restore the relationship. St. Mary’s aims first and foremost to increase the wellbeing of every student and recognises that for the most part that children who display inappropriate behaviour need support, guidance and at times explicit teaching around social and emotional skills. St. Mary’s also recognises the importance of using natural consequences for inappropriate behaviour so children learn how their behaviour has affected others.


Mindfulness has been found to increase wellbeing and set children up for learning for the rest of the day. As part of our morning prayer, each class participates in five minutes of mindfulness meditation at the commencement of each day. Students also regularly participate in short “brain breaks” throughout the day, to help set them up for learning.

Peaceful Kids and Seasons Programs

Peaceful Kids is a small group, mindfulness and positive psychology based program, to support students to lessen anxiety and stress, and increase resilience. Teachers trained in the Peaceful Kids Program facilitate the program.

Seasons is a program for students who are experiencing grief and loss, as a result of a major transition or change in their lives. The program provides an opportunity for students to express, acknowledge, normalise and integrate their grief in a safe environment with a small group of peers. Teachers trained in the Seasons Program facilitate the program.

Student Counselling & Psychology Services

We offer counselling psychologist services for students, with and Allied Health psychologist and a councillor available for sessions weekly on the school premises.

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