Care and Welfare of Students

Anaphylaxis Policy

Attendance Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy (including cyberbullying)

Duty of Care Guidelines

First Aid Guidelines

First Aid Procedures

ICT Acceptable Usage Policy

Pastoral Care of Students Policy

Student Behaviour Policy

Supervision Policy


Child Safety

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Child Safety Code of Conduct (Parent & Carer Volunteers)

Child Safety Policy

PROTECT - Identifying and Responding to Abuse Reporting Obligations

Reportable Conduct Policy

Staff Recruitment Policy

Child Safety Support Resource 2: Reporting Criteria - Failure to Disclose Guidelines

Child Safety Support Resource 3: Procedure for Ensuring that Staff are Informed about Mandatory Reporting Obligations

Child Safety Support Resource 4: Four Critical Actions Guidelines


Complaints Handling

Complaints Handling Policy

MACS Roles and Responsibilities Complaints Handling Guidelines



Assessment and Reporting Policy

Assessment and Reporting Procedures

Curriculum Plan

Requirements for Curriculum Provision Assessment and Reporting Guidelines



School Staff Recruitment Policy

Teacher Registration Policy

Validation of Registration Procedure

Working with Children Policy

WWCC Policy Implementation

WWCC Procedure for Maintaining Register



Enrolment Form

Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Procedures for MACS Schools

School Fees and Charges Policy

Parent/Guardian/Carer Code of Conduct

Parent Media Policy

Privacy Policy

School Enrolment Agreement

School Fees and Levies

Standard Collection Notice

Student Acceleration Policy

Student Code of Conduct 

Student Retention Policy



OHS Policy

Essential Safety Measures Policy


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