How to Enrol

Families Seeking Enrolment

Families seeking enrolment can contact the school office on (03) 9521 9335 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a school tour and to meet with the Principal.

Enrolment Information

  • Children must turn five years of age before the 30th April in the year they are commencing school. Permission to grant an exemption can only be made by the Director of Catholic Education Melbourne.
  • Parents seeking enrolment must first complete and sign an ‘Application for Enrolment’ form and submit this to the school office
  • A Health Immunisation Certificate, Birth Certificate and Baptismal Certificate (if applicable) are to be attached to the Enrolment Application form
  • Non-Catholic families are most welcome to apply and will be welcomed as members of our school community when there are places available.
  • At the time of lodging an enrolment application all new families will be required to pay a non-refundable enrolment fee.
  • A Prep Orientation Program is held in Term Four for all new Prep students and a transition program put in place for new students beginning in other year levels. An Information Night for Prep parents is also be held in Term Four.

Selection Criteria

Enrolments are processed on the following criteria:

  • Siblings of children already enrolled at St. Mary’s
  • Catholic children who live within the boundaries of the St. Mary’s Parish of Hampton and the Parish of Immaculate Heart Hampton East
  • Members of the St Mary’s Parish community who live beyond the boundaries of the Parish
  • Catholic children who live in other parishes
  • Children of other religious denominations and non-christian children
  • Entry other than at Prep (Foundation Level) will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • A non-refundable application levy of $70.00 applies to all new enrolments. Applications will not be processed until payment is received. Copies of your child’s Birth, Baptismal, and Immunisation Certificates need to accompany your application.

School Fees

Every effort is made by the school to be welcoming and inclusive. Every effort is made to ensure a Catholic education is accessible to every family through the provision of a family-friendly fee policy and fee relief. School fees are reviewed on a yearly basis and set through consultation with the Parish Education Board and CEM guidelines. It is the policy of the parish that no family should be excluded due to financial difficulty, therefore concessions or exemptions may be granted on an individual case basis.

Enrolment at St. Mary’s Means:

  • Abiding by and supporting the policies of the school
  • A willingness to support and participate as far as practicable in the life of the school
  • A commitment to attending Parent Teacher Interviews and Parent Information Nights
  • A sincere effort to be involved in fundraising events
  • A genuine effort to pay School Fees and the Parish Levy except where, in case of hardship, the Principal is notified and an agreement is met.

Minimum School Age Entry

The minimum starting age for a child to be enrolled in a Victorian school is four years and eight months, i.e. a child must turn five by April 30th, in the year of starting school. The enrolment of students under the minimum starting age is not recommended and approval from the Director of Catholic Education is required before enrolment can be accepted. Approval for early age enrolment will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Students with Additional Learning Needs

We welcome parents who wish to enrol a child with additional learning needs and do everything possible to accommodate the child’s needs. The process for enrolling students with special needs is the same as that for enrolling any student. In order for us to provide an effective transition program for students with additional needs, it is important that parents provide any relevant specialist reports to assist us.

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