Physical Education

Our Physical Education programs develops the required skills in movement and physical activity, while building on the interpersonal skills of teamwork, collaboration and cooperation. All students participate in weekly one-hour Phys Ed specialist classes. These lessons are complemented by fitness sessions and “brain break” exercises taken during the week by the classroom teacher.

School Sports and Water Safety

St. Mary’s holds a number of sporting and water-related events, providing students with opportunities to use a growth mindset, work as part of a team, to have a go and show sportsmanship.

  • All students from Prep to Year SIx participate in our annual Sports Gala Day, St. Mary’s Walk-a-thon and in a two-week intensive swimming program each year.
  • Students in Years Five and Six participate in a Life Saving Program in Term Four and in a Sailing Program through the Sandringham Yacht Club. These program aims to develop teamwork, leadership, confidence and communication skills, as well as community awareness.
  • Students in Years Three to Six also participate in the St. Mary’s Swimming Carnival, Athletics Trials and Cross Country each year.

Daily Fitness and Brain Breaks

Daily Fitness and Brain Breaks happen at various times throughout the day. The children participate in a range of exercises supervised and run by the teachers throughout the term, such as movement, mindfulness, dance, strength building, skipping, ball skills and aerobics.

Inter-School Sport

Students from Years Three to Six participate in a number of inter-school competitions, involving Catholic Schools within the South Central and Dendy Districts. Students in Years Three to Six also participate in Friday Interschool Sports (netball and Aussie Rules football) during Term Two. The inter-school competition promotes school and community partnerships through sports such as swimming, athletics, basketball, netball, rugby, soccer and cricket competitions throughout the year. Being affiliated with the Victorian Primary Schools Sports Association means that children can represent their state in national competitions.


Tennis coaching is also available before and after school, with coaches from the St. Mary’s Parish Tennis Club. 

St. Mary’s Sports House Teams

The St. Mary’s Sports Team names of Awburn, Nagle, O’Brien and Coakley were chosen to represent and acknowledge the history and enduring spirit of St Mary’s from the church’s inception in 1924. The Team House system provides a basis for the organisation of various activities within the school. It provides the children an opportunity to identify with a cross age grouping, and the older children with an opportunity to assume leadership positions within the school. Siblings are placed in the same team house. Each house has Year Six Leaders whose responsibility is to assist with organisation of sporting activities and other school related initiatives.

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