Catholic Identity

At St. Mary’s we seek to find new ways to express themselves and message of the Gospel in an authentic and relevant way, in a multicultural, pluralistic, globally connected world.

We support students to use new knowledge and skills to make a difference in the local and global community, to:

  • Uphold the dignity of each person
  • Have a preferential option for the poor
  • Be responsible stewards of our natural world
  • Work for the common good
  • Be in relationship with each other as members of a local and global community.

Each morning with Morning Prayer and Meditation in the classrooms. Meditation connects students to their spiritual self, helps develop awareness, and improves concentration and wellbeing. Students participate in whole school masses and liturgies throughout the year and in a class mass each term. The school supports the St. Mary’s Parish Sacramental Programs of Reconciliation (Year Three), Eucharist (Year Four) and Confirmation (Year Six).

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