The Arts

The Arts are highly valued at St. Mary’s as unique, expressive, creative and communicative forms that engage students in critical and creative thinking and help them understand themselves and the world. Children undertake specialist classes in Performing Arts and Visual Arts each week. 

St Mary’s Community Art Show

The Art Show is a bi-annual event which celebrates creativity personal expression. Students collaborate to produce artworks which are displayed along with individual pieces, with our whole school becoming an art gallery for families to explore. Student performances and interactive art spaces help make this event a very special celebration of learning with a strong community atmosphere.

School Production

Our bi-annual school production is an opportunity for every child at St Mary’s to experience performing on stage in a major production and to develop life-long skills such as teamwork, persistence, confidence and resilience. Senior students have the opportunity to audition for main cast roles and every child in the school performs in the production. Our staff, students and parents collaborate to prepare sets and costumes to help bring the productions to life.

Instrumental Music Program

Children from Prep to Grade Six who wish to learn a musical instrument may enrol for individual or small group lessons in keyboard or guitar, for an extra fee. Qualified music teachers employed by ABC Music conduct these lessons during school hours, on the school premises. ABC Music also offer student the opportunity to form a school band.

ABC Music has been teaching over 5000 primary school students throughout Melbourne Metropolitan area since 2006. Their mission is to provide high quality and affordable music lessons in a fun learning environment, whilst developing a strong musical foundation for students. ABC Music's music teachers are an integral part of their team, assuring teacher stability and dedication which results in a consistent learning environment for students.

St. Mary’s School Choir

Children in Years Three to Six have the opportunity to join our school choir, rehearsing each week and performing for the school and in the local community at different events throughout the year.

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